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May 7, 2018

Who is at the center of your gospel narrative, a divine judge or a divine King who wants to rescue you and restore your honor?  Join Caleb Southerland as he invites you into a culture of honor that will write a new story on your heart. #shameoffyou

Apr 30, 2018

Identity is not something we define by looking inwardly; it’s something we discover, by looking
outwardly, to Jesus, our North Star. Join Michael Rowntree as he shares how the Father affirms your true identity!

Apr 22, 2018

We don’t overcome the shame of failure by “doing better next time,” but by letting the story of grace become our story. Join Michael Rowntree as he shares how there is a better cure for the shame of failure than the hope of success – it’s called grace. #shameoffyou @wellspringdfw

Apr 16, 2018

God refers to Himself as the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Michael Rowntree tells the story of a Father who doesn't let dysfunction disqualify us!  Join us to learn how God heals our dysfunction through grace! If we want to receive healing, we must let grace refine us! #wellspringdfw #shameoffyou

Apr 9, 2018

Michael Rowntree, lead pastor of Wellspring Church DFW, shares how shame makes healthy relationships impossible, but grace makes healthy relationships inevitable. Part 1 in our 4 part series, Shame off You!