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Sep 23, 2018

Mental illness is on the rise in our nation, and the secular world barely knows how to manage it. Jesus didn't just come to manage mental illness; He came to cure it. But in order to deal properly with this difficult subject, we must address another difficult subject: demonization. Oftentimes in Scripture,...

Sep 16, 2018

Western medicine treats people like a system of organs, but God says we are made in His image, consisting of body, soul, and spirit.  Because each of these is integrated, healing often requires us to deal with all three areas.  In this message from Pastor Michael, learn how to let God heal you for the inside-out.

Sep 9, 2018

Anyone who believes in God knows He CAN heal. But WILL He? Can we expect Him to heal always, often, occasionally, or never? If we believe God CAN heal but most often won’t, we’ll get what we expect. Listen as Pastor Michael encourages your belief in God’s willingness to heal.